Surma Special 12mg

Surma Special 12mg

Manufacturer: Hashmi
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Rs. 199

Generic Name: Surma

This extraordinary Kohl not only gives you thick, luscious eyelids, but it also ensures that whole eyelid area is coated in rich, flaking-free grayish tan that stands up to smudging and spilling. While incorporating centuries old time tested exotic formulations and techniques, high in therapeutic values and important precious ingredients. It is suitable for all ages. Its use not only gives that grayish smoky eyeliner finish, but with a regular use your tired eyes will find relaxation and cooling effect so your eye care is no more an arduous task. You can prevent your body and face from harmful UV rays by a sunblock, but what about your delicate eyes? Hashmi Kohl Asmar protects the eyes from the glare of the sun- the only natural way to attain such protection.


Clean the probe with the help of clean dry cloth. Dip it into the bottle and twist. Take out the probe, tap it gently to remove any excess material. Apply the probe into the eye. Repeat the same process for the other eye.

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