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Overview: SeaCal, which is 100% plant sourced calcium, derived from Red Marine Algae with naturally occurring magnesium , rich in over 70 naturally occurring minerals fortified with vitamin D3, K2, C, B6 & Zinc. SeaCal is the balanced calcium supplement for optimum bone health. It enhances bone mineral density to a greater extent than other mineral sources. SeaCal is highly effective for nourishing bone and joint health.


•              SeaCal is enriched with Vitamin K2. Its deficiency may lead to loss of Calcium in the bone and reduces the quality of bone remodeling. Vitamin K2 helps promote bone health and preserve bone mineral density that reduces the risk of bone fracture ratio.

•              Vitamin K2 in SeaCal, fights heart diseases by controlling calcium regulating proteins in vascular tissues. Vitamin K 2 keeps calcium away from the arteries and prevents the formation of dangerous calcified plaques.

•              SeaCal is body friendly, easy to swallow, has better solubility and is non-constipating.


Pack Size: 30 Tablets 

Note: Price mentioned is per Pack.

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