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Generic: Ossein Mineral Complex   


Each Osnate-D tablet contains:

 Vitamin D-400 IU

 Ossein Mineral Complex - 830 mg

 Corresponding to:

    Calcium-177.6 mg

    Phosphorus -82.2 mg

    Residual Mineral Salts- 24.9 mg

    Collagen-224 mg

    Other proteins- 66.4 mg

    Trace elements-Fl, Mg, Fe, Zn, Cu and Ni.

Corresponding to approximately 440 mg Hydroxyapatite.         


Overview: Osnate-D contains the organic matrix (Ossein) and the mineral components (Hydroxyapatite) of bone tissue in physiological proportions along with Vitamin D.   


Indications: Increased mineral requirements during pregnancy, lactation and growth, Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia, Hypocalcemia, Bone pain, Increased bone fragility, Prophylaxis against dental caries


Usual dosage: 1-2 tabs daily before meals with some liquid.

Special dosage instruction:  In Osteoporosis: As advised by the physician.             


Osnate-D Tabs are available in pack of 30’s.


Pack Size: 5 Strip

Strip Size: 6 Tablets


Note: Price mentioned is per strip.


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