Neodipar 850mg

Neodipar 850mg

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Generic Name: Metformin HCL


Overview:  Metformin HCL is oral anti-diabetic agent. It reduces elevated blood glucose concentration in diabetic patients but it does not increase insulin secretion. Metformin HCL is used alone or in combination with other drugs. Most used in overweight subjects where it suppress appetite.

Indications:  Metformin HCl is indicated in conditions like dibetes mellitus and obesity.

Contraindication:  Metformin HCl is contraindicated in conditions like  alcohol dependence, anaemia, myocardial inferaction, respiratory diseases, trauma and liver damage.

 Side Effects: Malabsorption of Vitamin B 12 and folic acid, hypoglycemia, magaloblastic anaemia.

Pack Size: 3 Strip

Strip Size: 10 Tablets

Note: Price mentioned is per Strip.

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