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Rs. 55
Generic Name: ClotrimazoleOverview: Canesten Cream 10g is a broad spectrum fungicidal drug. It is m..
Rs. 82
Generic Name: Miconazole NitratePack Size: 10gmNote: Price mentioned is per pack...
Rs. 116
Generic Name: MiconazolePack Size: 20gmNote: Price mentioned is per pack...
Rs. 75
Generic: Metronidazole/Diloxanide FuroateEntamizole Tablet  is composed of the followin..
Rs. 16
Generic: Metronidazole Pack Size: 20 StripStrip Size: 10 Tablets Note: Price me..
Rs. 48
Generic: Metronidazole..
Rs. 1,121
Generic Name: Terbinafine. Overview: Lamisil 250mg contains antifungal agent and is ..
Rs. 701
Generic Name: Terbinafine.  Overview: Lamisil 125mg contains antifungal agent a..
Rs. 254
Generic Name: Terbinafine Overview: Lamisil Cream 10gm contains antifungal agent and is used t..
Rs. 25
Generic Name: Metronidazole B.P + Diloxandie Furoate B.PPack Size: 3 StripsStrip Size: 5 Tablet..
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