Hashmi Kajal Tube

Hashmi Kajal Tube

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Hashmi K Tube

An oriental herbal preparation incorporating the finest materials and medicinal herbs, presented in the form of black paste in tubes, a creamy formula which applies easily and smoothly. With this you have a long wearing colour without any fading and flakes. Easily applied via high definition applicator to attain a precision point across your eyelids. It better shapes and defines your eyelids. It harmoniously blends to supple your eyelids a vivid, tender and sheer look. The applicator glides on smoothly without any flakes and dripping.


Clean the probe with the help of clean dry cloth. Dip it into the bottle and twist. Take out the probe, tap it gently to remove any excess material. Apply the probe into the eye. Repeat the same process for the other eye.

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