Betnovate Lotion 60ml

Betnovate Lotion 60ml

Manufacturer: GSK
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Rs. 210

Generic Name: Betnovate Lotion 60ml


Overview: Betnovate Lotion 60ml is synthetic glucocorticoid, the most potent anti-inflammatory steroid. Used topically as an anti-inflammatory.

Indications: Betnovate Lotion 60ml is primarily indicated in conditions like allergy, contact sensitivity reactions, dermatitis, eczema, inflammation, insect bite reactions and skin diseases.

Contraindications: Betnovate Lotion 60ml is contraindicated in conditions like infestation and skin lesions.

Side Effects: Possible side effects are sweating, hypersensitivity reactions, cataract, superficial blood vassel dilatation, thinning and skin thinning.



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