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Imported Centrum by Pfizer USA (30 Tablets)

Manufacturer: PFIZER
Availability: In Stock

Multivitamin/Multi-mineral Supplement Overview: Centrum Adults provides the essential nutrients your body needs to help support your energy, immunity and metabolism. B-vitam..

Rs. 500

Arnica 120ml

Manufacturer: Kent Homeopathic Pharmacy
Availability: In Stock

Description:  Pure and potent Arnica oil extract for relieving pain associated with sore muscles, muscle aches, back and neck pain, and proven to soothe leg sore muscles...

Rs. 175

Accu-Chek Performa (Test Strips)

Manufacturer: ROCHE
Availability: In Stock

Test Strips 25Note: Price mentioned is per box...

Rs. 3,553


Manufacturer: AGP
Availability: In Stock

Generic: Ossein Mineral Complex   Composition:       Each Osnate-D tablet contains: Vitamin D-400 IU Ossein Miner..

Rs. 67


Manufacturer: Wilson
Availability: In Stock

Research shows that SeaMega reduces inflammation and may help lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. SeaMega (Omega-3.6.9) is highly concent..

Rs. 795



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