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Rs. 120
Generic Name: Phloroglucinol, Corresponding to anhydrous phloroglucinol, Trimethylphloroglucino..
Rs. 39
Generic Name: Hyoscine Butylbromide/Paracetamol Buscopan Plus Uses: Buscopan Plus is..
Rs. 33
Generic Name: Dicyclomine, SimethiconePack Size: 120mlNote: Price mentioned is per pack...
Rs. 144
Nospa Medicine - 40mgNo Spa Ingredients: DrotaverineWhat is No Spa?  Drotaverine is cholin..
Rs. 139
No-Spa Forte Drotaverine HCL  No Spa Forte Uses:  Drotaverine is cholinergic muscari..
Rs. 168
Spasfon Tablet Formula: Phloroglucinol/ Trimethylphloroglucinol      &..
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