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To uplift the living standard of Pakistani citizens and to elevate the pharmaceutical and consumer standards of Pakistan, by bringing it in line with international best practices. This online medicine company was born to provide the patients of Pakistan a superior service wherever they are in Pakistan.


Description and Background:

Baitulshifa.com (hereinafter referred to as ‘Baitulshifa’) is the most innovative and genuine online pharmacy of Pakistan. Baitulshifa.com is the best place to buy medicine online and also the best online shopping store to buy original & imported healthcare products. We are primarily an online medicine purchase site that allows you to order drugs online. The list of drugs available on this online drugstore contains both prescription medication and OTC drugs. 

So if you intent to carry out drug online shopping for some pain relief or want to buy pills online or a medicine for head pain etc. you can be sure to receive authentic and cheap drugs online on this best online medicine store.  

What Makes Us Different?


We are an online site for buying medicines; our customers’ call us the best site to buy medicine online because of our unmatched service. We have pulled together a team of qualified professionals (including fully qualified pharmacists) that are here to provide best services and to provide Pakistani community the facility to buy cheap medicine online through this medicine app.

As to Why We Exist?

The brainchild behind opening an online chemist store was generated after people from different walks of life (including foreigners), complained about the dismal condition of retail pharmacy in Pakistan. Currently, most of the brick and mortar pharmacies are managed by non-qualified/non-licensed pharmacists. Likewise, everybody has concerns around the genuineness of the medicines being sold in the local pharmacy. Black markets, short supplies and counterfeit medicines are largely the norms of retail pharmacy in Pakistan. Moreover, there is no end to the medicine search prescribed by the doctor but available nowhere. Even if you are comfortable about your nearby pharmacy and the genuineness of the available medicines, the hassle of going to the nearby pharmacy, traffic jams, parking fees, standing in queues etc. is extremely painstaking and priceless if weighed monetarily. 



There is a reason why our customers call us the most trusted online pharmacy in Pakistan. That reason is Baitulshifa.com exists because we know how important our customers are to us. On this pharmacy app (which can be accessed either through cell phone or PC), we aim to take care of all your pharmaceutical and health & beauty care needs. We are a secure medical online pharmacy that sell a wide range of products includes Allopathic, Homeopathic, Hikmat, Prescription medicines, OTC Medicines and Imported Cosmetics. This online pharmacy website lets you get medicine online on discount with easy home delivery. Take charge to order prescription drugs or OTC medication from the comfort of your sofa and get them delivered at your doorstep. You can simply type in the medicine names in the search bar to search your medicine or choose from one of the available drug index. The medicine details are displayed alongside each product. With our strong delivery force, we target to deliver all orders within 2-3 hours in Karachi and within 2-3 days nationwide. Whenever, you will visit Baitulshifa.com for medicine home delivery you can be sure to have online medicine price the same as displayed by the manufacturer on the product.

We are a licensed pharmacy that is operated in the most efficient, effective and professional manner. We strictly adhere to all local and international standards in our entire operations from buying medicines, stocking to ultimate delivering it to our valued customers. In the initial phase, the pharmacy is open from 10 AM to 9 PM. We plan to keep it open 24/7 as we grow.



All the products displayed on this online medical store, whether it is OTC drugs/ prescriptions drugs, medical equipments, cosmetics or makeup products are purchased directly from manufacturers or their authorized distributors. We do not sell any product which does not have a proper trail back to the manufacturer. All our health & beauty care products that are manufactured locally are either purchased directly from manufacturer or through their authorized dealers. All imported cosmetics and makeup products are purchased from various countries only through their respective authorized dealers or outlets. To make sure that we stand as the best online pharmacy store in Pakistan we have strict Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and audit function in place, to ensure that only authentic products are purchased and that also with valid expiry dates within the limits set out by local regulations and company standards.


Baitulshifa Team:

The pharmacy practice is managed by a team that comprises of qualified professional, who have come together on one platform with the common goal of elevating the medical standards of Pakistan while simultaneously staying profitable. The company is a subsidiary of MUBASHIREEN ENTERPRISES a group involved in the online health and educational sector of Pakistan. The management team comprises of executives with several years of successfully leading local and multinational companies.

The entire operation of the pharmacy is managed by qualified pharmacists. These pharmacists are also available on call to answer to your medication or pharmaceutical related queries.

All our riders are fully trained on handling health care products and come from decent, respectable backgrounds.

Thank You & We Hope You Enjoy Online Medicine Shopping!

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