Safi 175ml

Safi 175ml

Manufacturer: Hamdard
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Safi Tonic By Hamdard

Most Effective blood purifying herbal supplement that has replaced the old purgation therapy.

Safi Syrup Benefits:

Commonly known as the natural blood purifier for glowing skin, it spurs the system on to start elimination of the accumulated morbid matter through the intestines, kidneys and skin, at once correcting their functions. Safi is a digestive tonic that corrects the digestive system, relieves constipation, prevents and removes boils, pimples and skin eruptions.

Safi Uses:
Blood disorders, removing pimples,  acne, scars, boils and skin rashes. 

Side Effects of Safi:


How to Use Safi?
Adults may take 2 teaspoonfuls at breakfast.
Children may take 1 teaspoonful at breakfast.

PET Bottle of 175 ml


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