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Rs. 180
Generic Name: Montelukast Sodium  Pack Size: 14's  ..
Rs. 250
Generic Name: Montelukast Sodium  Pack Size: 14's ..
Rs. 167
Generic Name: Montelukast Sodium Pack Size: 14's ..
Rs. 192
Generic Name: Montelukast Sodium  Pack Size: 14's ..
Rs. 304
Generic Name: Ipratropium Bromide Overview: Atem is a cholinergic blocking agent.&nb..
Rs. 32
Generic Name: Terbutaline SulphatePack Size: 60mlNote: Price mentioned is per pack...
Rs. 427
Generic Name: Beclomethasone DipropionateOverview: Clenil Aerosol works by suppressing both inflamm..
Rs. 339
Generic Name: Beclomethasone Dipropionate Overview: Clenil Aerosol works by suppress..
Rs. 395
Generic Name: Beclomethasone Dipropionate/Salbutamol Overview: Clenil Compositum Ne..
Rs. 900
Generic Name: Beclomethasone Dipropionate 100mcg, Formoterol 6mcgNote: Price mentioned is per ..
Rs. 94
Generic Name: Ipratropium bromidePack Size: 20mlNote: Price mentioned is per pack...
Rs. 150
Generic Name: Ipratropium Bromide, Salbutamol Pack Size: 30'sNote: Price mentioned is per..
Rs. 157
Generic Name: Montelukast Sodium Overview: Montiget 10mg is oral leukotriene recept..
Rs. 120
Generic Name: Montelukast SodiumOverview: Montiget 5mg is oral leukotriene receptor antago..
Rs. 95
Generic Name: Montelukast Sodium Overview: Montiget Chewable 4mg is oral leukotriene ..
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